POSTING DATE:  2011-08-10 23:07:07    -by Tina Woods
Patient Name:  Carla    Age: 12
Honduras: Healing Hearts


In February 2009, 12 year old Carla Bautista was seen by the Randy Davis team in Jesus de Otoro, Intibuca, & diagnosed for the first time in her life as having an Atrial Deptal Defect of her heart. Veronica, her mom, was concerned that her daughter was tired all the time & not wanting to play with her friends as she once had.  The problem was Carla had a bad problem that could only be fixed by way of open heart surgery. In March of 2009, she was scheduled for surgey only to be bumped off the surgical list due to an emergency case more serious than hers.  Every month Carla & her mother would faithfully ride a bus into Tegucigalpa for her appointments with the cardiologist, would be booked for another heart surgery, and then told the surgeons did not have the equipment necessary to perform her special heart surgery. So when we received a phone call in July 2011 for Carla to please come to Tegus to see the surgical team from the US, we sent out a prayer chain for people to please pray that this surgery would happen.  On August 1, 2011, she finally had her open heart surgery! It was a very difficult case for the surgeons, but without this surgery at this time, Carla would not make it much longer. The Gray team out of AL has been sponsoring Carla since the end of 2009 & have literally helped save a child's life. Veronica, Carla, & all their friends & family have seen the Lord at work throught all the prayers & support of BMDMI.  They are "so grateful for all that has been done by everyone in this mission & praise the Lord for this miracle in Carla's life".  Thanks be to GOD!!

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