POSTING DATE:  2011-08-12 23:00:26    -by Tina Woods
Patient Name:  Wilmer    Age: 10
Honduras: Coming Full Circle


Back in July of 2008, the Hall/Gray team went to Villa Santa, El Paraiso & encountered a 7 year old boy named Wilmer.  He lost his hearing around the age of 2, & the mother never knew why or what might have happened to cause this.  So from the ages of 2-7, Wilmer has lived in his own world, unable to hear anything at all.  The '08 team paid for Wilmer to see an audiologist for exams to understand the severity of the hearing loss & to see if it was a remote possiblity that hearing aids would benefit this child or not. The mission lost contact with his family after his last appointment & had no way of contacting them to know the final results from his doctors.

In July of 2011, the Vicksburg-Moore team ministered in Villa Santa, only to meet up with Wilmer & his mother again.  She said they had been waiting for another BMDMI mission team to come to their village again because she had good news to report from the audiologists.  She also brought with her all the paperwork & results from various exams for the doctors to review, showing that Wilmer would, in fact, have the ability to hear with the help of hearing aids. Unfortunately, the cost of hearing aids is quite high in Honduras because they are ordered from the United States, then shipped here. The team decided they really wanted to help this boy but only had the funds for half the needed amount.

With the help of another team who had arrived in country several days later (Gray, 2011), the financial needs were met.  Within 3 days, Wilmer was sitting in the clinic of the audiologist! Two weeks later he received his new hearing aids with enough funds to buy a year's worth of batteries.  What a difference this will make in his life!!

However, the most touching aspect of Wilmer's case was to see the faces of several team members & that of the team captain, Stan Gray, for many of them remembered the story of little Wilmer Sanchez from three years ago, who could not hear & understand all that was going on around him.  To know they were having the opportunity to help him again & see this story come "full-circle" was such a blessing for all of them.  Knowing this family patiently sat and waited THREE whole years for another team to come near them is such a humbling story, compared to our world of "instant gratification".

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