POSTING DATE:  2011-08-12 23:54:23    -by Tina Woods
Patient Name:  Anthony    Age: 2
Honduras: Making a Difference


Two year old Anthony David from Reitoca, El Paraiso has never known what it is like to walk like a normal little boy. He was born with the curved tibias.  The first half of his legs appear normal,but below the knee, bones of the knee joints cause the legs to curve outwardly, giving a "bowed" appearance.  Even with this deformity, presently, he can walk right now.  However, as he continues to grow & begins to weigh more, the bones in his lower legs will not be able to support him. He was taken on as a Project Life patient (Gray,2011) for a referral to our local orthopedist. He was measured for braces & is now learning how to walk in them. With continued monitoring in the upcoming years, we pray the ligaments & tendons of the knees re-adjust with the guidence of the leg braces & that Anthony will not need them as he gets older.  It's a small step right now to make such a big difference later in his life.

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