POSTING DATE:  2012-08-28 02:56:57    -by Jessie Crabtree
Patient Name:  Bayron    Age: 8.0
Nicaragua: The Lame "Walk"


Bayron is an eight-year-old boy from the village of Terrabono, Matagalpa.  He was seen in the medical clinic from the Turnage/Childs team in June of 2012. 

Bayron has a lot of medical needs.  He is unable to walk, and his parents had grown accustomed to carrying him around.  At this point, they are able to do it with some difficulty, but as he grows, this will be more and more of a problem for them.

The team noticed that he was in need of a special wheelchair that would help him stay balanced and seated upright.  So, the team signed Bayron up for Project Life, thus committing to pay for such a special wheelchair to be built for him.

Recently a company was found in Managua that specializes in making special wheelchairs for a fraction of the cost of what they would be in the States.  So, not too long after the team returned to the States, Bayron and his parents made their very first trip to Managua to get measured.  Finally, a few weeks later, they returned so Bayron could try out his new wheelchair and take it home! 

Needless to say, he and his parents were very excited about it!!  It was easy to note that Bayron quickly understood how to move the wheelchair around by turning the wheels.  Pretty soon his arm muscles will be capable enough for him to wheel around wherever he'd like to go!Write story here

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